Friday, February 6, 2009

Social it hate it

So I'm sitting here on a Friday afternoon waiting for a girlfriend to come join me in a glass of wine and I'm thinking about my love/hate relationship with social networking. I just can't wrap my head completely around the concept of living that publicly. I don't have it in me to post "going to grocery store now" or "having my third cup of coffee". It's not that I'm ashamed of my life, I just don't think anyone really cares what I'm doing. And I'm wondering if it's just a personality issue. I am by nature a private person. I'll tell my closest friends anything they want to know but I tend to want to keep my little business to myself. Do the people I work with really need to know every move I make on my days off? Do my friends want to know all the things I do when I'm at work? I doubt it.

At work I've got the library Facebook page up and running. Everyday it seems we get new fans. I Twitter regularly with library events and as with Facebook, our following grows daily. And I always get excited when I track the numbers. But shortly after the excitement comes the feeling of, "so what". I need to figure out why this is important to the library. It is increasing community awareness, but weren't those people aware of us already? Are they just blindly jumping on the social networking bandwagon without truly understanding why they're doing it, like me? I'm waiting for an epiphany here. If someone can enlighten me please do....