Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keyboard Functions to Learn & Use

During my Tech Talk presentation last week a request was made for some basic computer training. I can't think of anything more basic than simple keyboard functions that work as shortcuts for many word processing tasks. So, here is a short list of keyboard function to learn and use:

Pressing Ctrl plus I will italicize any highlighted area.

Pressing Ctrl plus C will copy any highlighted area.

Pressing Ctrl plus V will paste the last text copied.

Pressing Ctrl plus B will bold any highlighted area.

Pressing Ctrl plus U will underline any highlighted area.

Pressing Ctrl plus + will enlarge all images on the screen. Ctrl plus - will shrink it.

Use the tab key to move to the next box when filling in a form.

Press Ctrl plus PrtScn, then paste into a word document (or another document) to copy of picture of the screen.

Double clicking on a word will highlight the whole word. Triple clicking will highlight the line. (Clicking four times doesn't do anything, sorry.) But Ctrl plus A will highlight a whole page.

Press Ctrl plus F to get a "find" box. This is a search box; type in the word you are looking for and each instance of that word will be highlighted. Use the next button to progress through the document.

There are more, but this is enough for now. I have more NELA blogging to do....

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