Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm back

Hello again, it's been a few years hasn't it. After completely ignoring this blog, and even the concept of blogging, for a while it struck me on my way in to work this morning that I was on to something way back when. So, here I am again, taking a slightly different approach to this. Since 2009 when I last posted I've become the Tech Coordinator at the DFL. Great job, lots of great staff and patrons, beautiful community, close to the beach, yada yada, roughly 70 computers that potentially need daily attention. Oh yes, I'm also the head of a very busy circulation department. And I have one other staff member who helps with tech stuff, for 5 hours a week.

So, can we all help each other? If I post what I'm up to and keep it current will you, readers, comment with your suggestions as well? Or even better, write about your success stories as you hunt and peck your way through a solution. So we can all learn - together - what if I press this key?

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